Restarting travel

I’ve been working from home since mid-March 2020, and it’s time to start moving again. All of my travel since the pandemic began has been domestic travel for family reasons, and with vulnerable parents and in-laws, Lucy and I have erred on the side of safety. In fact, I’ve probably used public transport even less… Continue reading Restarting travel

AFRINIC Update 2021-08-18

An interesting turn of events. AF-IX has established a fundraiser to keep AFRINIC going. It’s not clear from the announcement whether this has the backing of AFRINIC, what level of transparency it will operate under, or what legal ground it will operate on. Instead it says it says TESPOK (Technology Service Providers of Kenya) will… Continue reading AFRINIC Update 2021-08-18

What’s happening in AFRINIC?

Disclaimer: This is an outsider’s view based on what has been read on public mailing lists, there is undoubtedly more going on behind the scenes. There has been a bit of a kerfuffle in AFRINIC recently, and as I’ve been trying to follow what has been happening, a few friends have asked what is going… Continue reading What’s happening in AFRINIC?

New PC, who DOS?

As I’ve previously posted about, during the pandemic I’ve been playing some games off and on. Don’t tell my employer, but some of this has been on my work laptop, which was woefully underpowered on the graphics front and was draining the battery even when plugged into the power adapter (who knew the 85W MacBook… Continue reading New PC, who DOS?

Resources and costs for resurrecting the old Mac mini

Here are a few links that I used, and costs incurred for resurrecting the old Mac mini. Latest EFI version. iFixit Guides for the A1283 Mac mini. Creating a bootable macOS installer. Using VMware Fusion Player to create an El Capitan installer on a newer version of macOS. How to get older versions of macOS.… Continue reading Resources and costs for resurrecting the old Mac mini

iPhone 12 Pro

This is a blog post that I started writing two months ago on October 24th, I then stopped because there were so many other “new iPhone” blogs around I couldn’t see the point, but with nothing else to do over Christmas, I thought I’d polish it off. It is here.  An hour before DHL were… Continue reading iPhone 12 Pro

Duty Free After Brexit

I missed this last week, but the government has published what duty free we will be allowed when travelling after the 1st January. It is being branded as ‘extending duty free to the EU’, but that’s only partially true. We will indeed be able to bring duty-free alcohol and tobacco back into the UK, subject… Continue reading Duty Free After Brexit

The NHS Test and Trace App

Today the government announced the ‘new’ test and trace (I must not call it track and trace) app will be available on the 24th September. They also announced that hospitality venues (or, I presume, anywhere where people gather) can download QR codes to ‘check in’ to locations when they arrive. This latter bit rang alarm… Continue reading The NHS Test and Trace App

Virtual Wanderlust via Trains, Trucks, and Maybe Flying a Cessna Around Borneo

Whilst socially distancing and not travelling all that much, one thing I’ve been doing after a day of staring at computer screens is … staring at more computer screens with a bit of Train Sim World, American Truck Simulator, and Euro Truck Simulator 2. I haven’t played much in the way of computer games for… Continue reading Virtual Wanderlust via Trains, Trucks, and Maybe Flying a Cessna Around Borneo

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