Update — 19/02/2022

It has been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently because work has been kinda crazy, so there has been a limit to the tinkering I’ve been able to do outside work.

Of note on the tech front, for the New Year Lucy and I bought ourselves a 55” OLED TV. I’d always been slightly sceptical how much difference a large TV would make given standard broadcast definitions, and to some extent that has been proven correct, because when I get accustomed to 4K/UHD content, then SD broadcast on the TV is pretty much unwatchable. The apps are pretty good in themselves, but I also bought an Apple TV 4K to go with it, and it’s interesting to see which apps worth better on Android TV and which wok better on tvOS, especially when it comes to subtitles on the UK broadcasters. Some programmes will have subtitles on one app but not the other.

My old TV, a 32” Panasonic LCD is now sitting in some new modular shelves in my study, which was handy for watching Big Jet TV in the background during Storm Eunice yesterday. Kudos to all the flight crew that made the right call, every time.

Another tech update has been replacing the old gas boiler with a combi boiler connected to a Nest Learning Thermostat. I’m still getting to grips with the thermostat, and the fact that we’re at home most of the day at the moment means that the learning facility isn’t that useful — we’ll set it to the temperature we want, when we want it. It may be of more use when (or if) working practices get back to normal and there are times out of the house as well as in it! (As an aside the boiler failure was pretty spectacular. The heat exchanger had cracked and a panel that was only supposed to be used as heat insulator was holding back several gallons of water — much to the plumber’s surprise when he removed it.)

On that topic, I was wary of disposing of the hot water tank that the old boiler used, as I understand heat pumps, which may or may not be the future, require them, but I was persuaded to rip it out for the combi, and if I have to fit another one in due course, then maybe it will be better lagged.

Fitness-tech wise we’ve also just (I.e. today) received a treadmill. It’s a basic one (DOMOS T520B), and doesn’t have any smart features that sync activity with anything else, but at least I can prod my phone or tablet on the display when exercising.

I watched a YouTube video on the ‘best worst MacBook’ this week. A 2016 MacBook is still my main personal laptop, but maybe I’ll revisit that after the Apple event on March 8th. Then again, I don’t know what’s the highest priority to replace, that or my iPad Air 2, which I’ve been using quite a lot with two different keyboards (an old Magic Keyboard and the Brydge Air I’ve had since I bought the iPad Air 2 and what I’m using to type this on), and also the Logitech MX Anywhere 3 for Mac mouse (that’s also my current main mouse for my work laptop, but can attach to three different devices).

By Rob

Just another network engineer that enjoys motorcycles and travelling.

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