British Columbia. November, 2005.

[ADVrider ride report]

I like Canada. I’ve only ever visited for a weekend before, but I know I like Canada. It is one of those place, like New Zealand (which I haven’t even been to for a weekend) that I can tell I like. One of those “rugged outdoors” places with mountains and spectacular scenery.

So, when I was lined up to go to a meeting in Vancouver in November, I knew I had to take a bit of holiday too. Not just to visit a couple of friends there, which is why I’d been for the weekend previously, but hopefully also to see a bit more of the country. Or at least the state.

I hoped to rent a motorcycle for a few days, banking on the weather not being too bad, but the only rental shop I could find, CycleBC, closed their Vancouver from November for the winter. An email soon sorted out that problem, as they explained to me that their main site in Victoria on Vancouver Island was open all year. They could arrange for a week’s hire of a Kawasaki KLR650. Having ridden a four-cylinder bike since I passed my test, I wondered how I’d cope with covering some distance on a single-cylinder “thumper,” but that wasn’t about to put me off trying, so I booked it.

The meeting came and went, there’s not much to talk about there, and following that I hooked up with my friend for an evening to catch up on the three years that had passed since we’d last met. The morning after that I clambered aboard the seaplane to Victoria. I’d flown in land-based Twin Otters before, but not a seaplane, so that was an experience in itself, with a great view of the smaller islands on the flight over to Victoria, then landing in the harbour.

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