A Day Off…

Yesterday I was starting to think that I’d made a mistake. Going to an exhibition in the Natural History Museum during half-term, was I mad? I made sure I got there shortly after the museum opened at 10am, and luckily, whilst the museum was busy, there was no queue to get in and few of the families were heading to the same room as I was — the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. I’ve been the past few years, and it is an hour well spent. Lots of good photographs, some by professionals, some by amateurs, some by kids. By the time I left, the museum was heaving, and the queue at the front door stretched down to the front gates.

Next, I strolled down through South Kensington, somewhere I was once a regular, but now somewhere I haven’t been for a year or more, to a cinema on Fulham Road to watch the latest Coen Brothers film, No Country for Old Men. Through the adverts and trailers I thought I’d struck it lucky as I was the only person in the cinema, but a couple of minutes into the film another couple walked in and sat a few rows behind me. Still, three people in a cinema, you can’t get much closer to a private screening. Perhaps I should make all my cinema visits at midday on a Friday.

The film was great. Stunning cinematography of the Texan landscape, interesting characters, and a few unexpected twists. If you like other Coen Brothers films, I can thoroughly recommend it.

Then it was back to the flat and just about time for a short ride as the sun set over Essex with a superb range of purples and oranges in the sky.

Not a bad day, perhaps I should take more days off. I’ve only got another 30.5 to use up before the end of March.