National pride

England won at rugby (against the USA), football (against Israel) and cricket (against India) today.  All topped off with the Last Night of the Proms.  If I wasn’t Welsh, I’d be proud to be English!  Instead I’ll settle with being satisfied to be British.

Rugby World Cup

It is Rugby World Cup time again, and whilst I’m all for more rugby union on the TV, I’ve got a couple of issues at the moment.  The first is that as any fule does kno, rugby must be on the BBC.  It just isn’t the same on the ITV, the commentators don’t have the experience, and there’s very little half-time analysis when you’ve got to fit two commercial breaks in.  I don’t know which channel broadcast the last RWC, but that is because I was watching it on Star Sports.

Which brings up the other issue.  The return of the RWC means it is four years since I was away for my little trip.  Trying to watch the first couple of group matches on the Muslim east coast, during Ramadan, at the start of the monsoon season, including at an almost-deserted Cherating beach where I managed to persuade the only bar that was open to show a match.  Then across to the west coast.  Malacca, Cameron Highlands, and the finals on Pankgor along with a couple of Irish girls that were following the same route.

I was thinking about using this as an excuse to indulge in some thought about what has changed in those four years, but maybe I’ll save that for now.