iPhone 12 Pro

This is a blog post that I started writing two months ago on October 24th, I then stopped because there were so many other “new iPhone” blogs around I couldn’t see the point, but with nothing else to do over Christmas, I thought I’d polish it off.

It is here.  An hour before DHL were supposed to deliver it, there was a knock on the door and the courier said “new iPhone?”

Apparently he had a few more to deliver that day.

Note the tag at the bottom to unwrap the cellophane…

Gone are the days of finding an edge of a fingernail or a sharp object to break the cellophane, the outer wrap of the box now uses the same glued wrap that used to be reserved for the phone itself, which comes off easily with no tools required.

The box is slim, partly because there is no charger with BS1363 plug inside. The outline of the phone on the lid is slightly raised, and when you open it the rear of the phone with the camera array is presented to you.
Lifting the phone out of the box, there is no longer a wrapper around the phone, but the screen is protected by something that looks like a sticky note. White paper rather than transparent plastic, and with labels for the buttons and switches around the edge of the device.

Lightning cable, phone, SIM doohickey, and that’s about it. No earphones, no charger.

Whilst larger, of course, the aesthetics of the phone are similar to the iPhone 5, which is no bad thing, a lot more square than most other designs.

The back of the phone is notable for having nothing other than the cameras (including the LIDAR sensor) and an Apple logo.  No regulatory information, no model number, nothing else. The side of the phone is the only nod in that direction, with a CE mark, and the symbol not to discard the phone in the rubbish (a bin with a diagonal line through it). The only other marks on the outside of the phone are the lightning port and speaker grille on the bottom, the SIM tray and buttons on either side, and the slight gaps to the top-right and bottom-left of the frame for the antennas (remember the mistake when those weren’t included?).

I’m finding the phone to be very comfortable to hold, and I don’t feel like I’m always about to drop it like I did my previous Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, nor my work iPhone XR.

I really like how this phone is feeling in my hand, but as I need it to last a couple of years (even though I’ve got AppleCare), my Spigen ToughArmour is due to arrive tomorrow, and a screen protector (also Spigen, but there’s no sponsorship here the cash flow is all from me to them) later in the week.  I don’t like the sacrifices I’m going to have to make to how I use the phone, but I feel I need to do that to protect a £1,000 phone that will be accompanying me pretty much everywhere I go — even if at the moment, I’m not going anywhere much.

Now that I’ve spent a couple of months with the phone, I should add a bit more about the camera and how it is in day-to-day use. To be continued…

By Rob

Just another network engineer that enjoys motorcycles and travelling.

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