Oops, my first Twitter suspension…

How is your Monday going?

Mine started with my first Twitter suspension.

In reply to the following Tweet, asking what we did before older people were invented, I suggested we all died young.

Now, it may not be the greatest joke, and I could have phrased it better because what I actually tweeted was simply “Die young…”

Within moments Twitter’s advanced AI appeared to treat this as a threat to Frances (which it most definitely was not) and my account was suspended for 12 hours, due to expire at about 10pm tonight.

Appeals will be dealt with in “a few days.” I never really thought of myself as all that edgy.

Edit 23/02: Twitter have decided that my tweet did break the rules, I wonder if they looked at it in context? Or even looked at it at all, “specifically our rules around: <this space intentionally left blank>”.

By Rob

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