Mailing list

I've created an email list so that friends and family can find out when I update these web pages, or I might even just send some stories directly to it. It will be low-traffic, and I don't imagine there will be more than one or two messages to it before the end of August when I get out of the jungle. After that, I hope to send out an update every 2-4 weeks -- access to internet cafes permitting. The plan is to write things up on my (admittedly aging, and getting worrying fragile for such demands) Psion 5, then upload them with a USB compact flash adapter when I hit civilisation.

To subscribe, send an email message to You should receive an automated message back with instructions on confirming your membership.

If you are one of the people that I added to the list at the start, then you can update your membership if you change email address by unsubscribing from the old address, and resubscribing with the new one.

You can unsubscribe by sending a message from the subscribed address to

Alternatively, if this all seems like too much hard work, drop me an email, and I will make the changes manually next time I have a chance.